Rates & Benefits

As members of a family, our growth and development as individuals as well as the strength and energy of the family itself, is derived in large part from the love, respect and support we give to each other.
This is also true with regard to our larger “Temple family”.

A covenant exists between our individual members and the congregational “family”. Just as Shabbat is not simply a day, but a way of reconnecting with ourselves and the world, membership in our Temple should not be just paying dues to receive a service, but a matter of Covenant. We would hope that our Temple be a place of learning as well as one “of welcome and wholeness, a home where you know you are not alone. People will come to share their lives and tell their stories; to celebrate success and lament loss to know, in sum, their connectedness to others”.

Many already benefit from and lend their strength to our community. However, to fulfill the promise of this Covenant of Membership, we need much greater involvement. We have dozens of committees that cry out for your energy. There also may be new ideas that you can contribute. You need only take a moment to realize the benefits for you and our “family” by a renewed commitment to what our Temple is and can be.

If everyone gave a little of their time during the year, not only would our Temple family benefit, but each of us in turn would be rewarded by our connectedness with each other and the source of our tradition.

Please join with us!

If you are interested in learning more about Temple Beth Jacob, please contact our membership
Chairperson Carol Packer by calling the Temple at 845-562-5512.