Partner Support fund

Partnership Support

The gratitude of the entire congregation goes to our partners who are able to support Temple Beth Jacob at a “Giving Circle Level” of:

  • $3,000   Menorah Level
  • $2,500    Mitzvah Level
  • $2,200    Chai Level

 Your partnership support (family or single) at

    ·   $2,100   allows us to continually replenish the cantorial fund

A “fair share” partnership support (family or single) at

    ·   $2,000 allows us to meet our budget this year

Did you know?  You can pay your partnership support by automatic
deduction from your credit card on a monthly basis?

The concept of partnership support is designed to allow everyone to be a part of our community regardless of personal finances.  We encourage you to support our community to the best of your ability.  Below are some numbers that serve as guidance but reflect the very minimum we need to sustain ourselves.

AGE                    SINGLE                      FAMILY

24-28                    $180                           $360

29-34                    $500                           $750

35-39                    $800                           $1,200

40-64                    $950                           $1,600

65 +                      $800                           $1,200

Please note:  A minimum annual support of $500 per privilege must be received in order to maintain cemetery privileges.

Gift Card Program

Did you know that our gift card program contributes over $15,000 every year?  Just by shopping where you normally do – think Shop Rite, Adams, Pet Smart, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. our community earns a significant amount.

BUY GIFT CARDS from us.  Remember, there is no fee for the gift cards.  You receive full face value of the cards.  We keep stock of the most popular cards but we can special order just about any national store you can think of. You can also order gift cards yourself online (exclusive of local grocery stores).  Couldn’t be easier.  Ask us how!

Religious School Tuition

Religious School Tuition is in addition to your partnership support. We are asking parents to pay the full amount for school and adjust their support level if need be. Tuition is expected to be paid in full prior to the first day of Religious School. Please see our treasurer, Rochelle Timperio, if you are in need of financial assistance.

Pre-school:  $150


 K 1, 2:

 $250  Sundays

 3, 4, 5, 6:

 $750  Sundays and Tuesdays

 8 & 9:

 $250  Sundays


$500   Thursdays

 B’nai Mitzvah


 Includes class and individual lessons

 11, 12: 

 $100 Brunch with the Rabbi monthly