Hebrew School

Hebrew School meets almost every Tuesday during the school year from 4:30 to 6:00 PM.

Teens on BimaIt is an amazing thing that the Jewish people has been training its children how to read an ancient language for thousands and thousands of year. Hebrew is a key that opens a door to deeper understanding of our prayers and our Torah. Even at a rudimentary level, the power of Hebrew knowledge is undeniable.

Our goals are straightforward. We want all the students to conclude Hebrew school with the ability to read and write Hebrew, sight read any prayers comfortably and have a vocabulary large enough to comfortably engage the meaning of our prayers. Students will also have a vocabulary that allows them to engage Judaism with Hebrew words and phrases. Of course, one of their first major opportunities to demonstrate their skills is when they become bar or bat mitzvah. We aim to provide a foundation they can stand upon all their lives.