B’nai Mitzvah

ConsecrationBecoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a process of learning to become an adult. Neither a graduation ceremony nor a performance, our students lead a majority of prayers Shabbat morning, chant Torah and Haftarah, deliver a d’var Torah (a short speech that explains lessons from that morning’s Torah portion) and in all ways demonstrate their growth into adulthood and their eager acceptance of adult responsibility.

Students learn customs and rituals of Jewish adulthood as well as understanding the experience from a spiritual perspective. Parents are involved as well participating in key seminars and programs so they can share in the preparations from the student’s perspective.

We are proud of the standards we set at Temple Beth Jacob and equally proud of adapting our program as needed to accommodate all students regardless of individual learning issues.

Contact Rabbi Douglas Kohn or Shari Franco, school principal, for more information. You can either email by clicking on the name or call the Temple office at 845-562-5516